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Meet Storm


There, he found new friends and a colorful world. and Storm had a secret wish – to be a strong friend, a kind listener, and a helper to his new pals.


Storm's story doesn't end at the Rainbow Bridge. It keeps going, with laughter, tears, and new friends. Each step is like a big hug that makes everyone feel better.


As Storm's journey goes on, what kind of adventures will he have? Who will walk with him and make each day brighter? Follow Storm's pawprints as we join him on a journey of friendship, healing, and hope.

Meet Storm, a little Golden Retriever who lives in Seattle. 


Every morning, when the sun's warm rays touch his soft fur, Storm wakes up. He gives his wet nose a little lick and opens his eyes, feeling excited about yummy treats and his favorite ball. Just like his name, Storm is full of energy, makes everyone like him, and spreads happiness like a shining star.


Storm is like a friendly sunbeam – he says hello to everyone he meets and loves going on adventures with his family. On Instagram, Storm has almost 4000 friends! and he even has his own birthday party every year. But life took a surprising turn...

One day, in 2023, something sad happened. Storm got very sick with a thing called lymphoma, and in just a few days, he had to leave his family and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

For Storm, forever

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